6 Eyeliner Looks For your Eyes

Hey Guys!

Today, while drinking coffee and doing my morning facebook lurking I came across this and thought it might be helpful. Eyeliner is one thing that took me so long to master! I still need a little more time when I want to do a wing. Ain’t no shame in my game.

One thing I learned very quickly is that one eyeliner look doesn’t work for everybody. I was trying to mimic a wing that looked completely wrong from my Almond eye shape. Being a nerd that I am, I researched more about it, and being a makeup lover that I am, I played with eye liner and different looks until I found one that worked for me.

To save you the agony, there is a chart with different eyeliner looks for your eyes from Cosmo.

From Cosmo
From Cosmo

In the future, I will be talking about my go to eyeliner products.

xoxo – Sehar

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