Colours of Fall 2015 – Official Pantones

Hey Beauties!

Today I just wanted to discuss Fashion Colour Report for Fall 2015. I am the sort of person that doesn’t really keep an eye on current trends and usually just buy whatever I feel beautiful in. So it was something really different for me to be looking at current trends.

I am an art and a makeup lover and a part-time investigator apparently (but what girl isn’t) so I wanted to see what colours are trending and would break the typical ‘burgundy for fall’ makeup looks. Here are other colours to add to the collection that is perfect for fall 2015.

Pantone Fall 2015
Pantone Fall 2015

Dried Herb – Olive green, similar to an army green

Desert Sage – Cool tone greenish grey

Stormy Weather – I feel like the name as it all. It reminds me of cool grey sky

Oak Buff – Mellow muted mustard yellow

Marsala – Warm Redish-brown of the 90’s

Biscay Bay – Teal

Reflecting Pond – Dark Cool Teal

Cadmium Orange – 60’s – 70’s go-to orange. I like that it is a bit muted with a hint of peach

Cashmere Rose – Soft pink

Amethyst Orchid – Sunset purple

Marsala is actually Pantone for 2015, so I am glad to see that it is still present leading the fall colours. I enjoy that there are both warm and cool colours in the mix and you can definitely create looks that a lot of people would prefer.

Now that you know the colours that are in fashion, doesn’t it make it so much easier to focus your makeup looks and clothing choices to incorporate it. I feel so inspired to do makeup looks other than Burgundy for the fall.

In future posts I will be giving recommendations on makeup products that would match the Fall Pantones.

What is your favorite fall colour? I am really digging Dried Herb for some reason.

Fall 2015 Fashion Pantone Colours
Fall 2015 Fashion Pantone Colours

Hope you’re enjoying your Pumpkin Spice Latte!

xoxo ~ Sehar

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