Morning Skincare Routine – Fall 2015

Hi Beauties!

I have been in desperate need of a skin care routine that I use everyday. I love trying new things for use and review. So I was in a slum of just trying new things that didn’t really work for me or I didn’t really like. My morning routine happened completely by accident. I am one of those people that times my self and gets ready just in time to not be late to work in the morning, so I really just wanted to stick to the essentials in the morning. The essentials being cleanse, tone, and moisturize prior to putting on makeup.

I also want to mention how important skincare is. Here’s a metaphor for you – A strong foundation is always necessary to build a sturdy house. Foundation in this instance is your skin, and how to take care of it. One of the most important advise I would give is knowing your skin type, is it dry, oily, combination? Is it prone to breakout or rosacea. It is necessary to know your skin type so you know how to react to it. Which products will work best for it. For instance I have normal to oily-skin and am prone to breakouts. Knowing that about my skin I personally am attracted by oil free products, that also calms and treats my skin. I also wanted to mention that everyone’s skin is difference and the products might not react same way to you that it does to me.

Anyhow, lets move on to the exciting stuff. Skincare!!

Morning Skincare Routine! Fall 2015
Morning Skincare Routine! Fall 2015

Cleanse: Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub

I love using this in the morning! It gently exfoliates and clears away dead skin. It also leaves a cool refreshing tingling feeling that wakes up my skin in the morning. I have tried different cleansers in the morning and have gone back to this one again and again. I also like that it is oil-free, and doesn’t irritate my eyes or face.  I only use a pea size amount, starting around my t-zone and chin (where my skin is the worse) and lather it towards the hairline.

Price: $7-$9 CAD for 4 oz / 141 g – You can find this at any drugstore

Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub
Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub

Tone: Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic

I didn’t realize how much I liked this toner until I started experimenting with different ones. My favorite thing about this is that it comes in a spray bottle. I love spraying it on my face after I cleanse. I usually do about 3-4 sprays to ensure it covers my entire face and neck. I let it absorb into my skin, before putting on my moisturizer. I like that it is without parabens and sulfates, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. It is more of a high end item but I think it is worth it.

Price: $30 CAD for 5 oz / 150 ml – Got mine from

Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic
Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic

Moisturize: Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

I cannot say enough good things about this product. I love it! It comes in a cute little package which you have to ‘pump’ to use the jelly. The best way to describe the texture would be jelly. It absorbs into my skin right away so I am ready to put on makeup walking from my washroom to my vanity. I would say it is ideal for normal to oily skin. People with dry skin might prefer the moisturizer version of this. You only need a pea size amount and it covers your entire face, the excess I bring down my neck. It is on the higher end of the drugstore products but I think it is so worth it. I’ve spent triple on products that I didn’t like nearly as much.

Price: $25-$30 for 1 oz / 30 ml – Find it at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada), Boots (UK), Ulta (US)

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

I have been using these products everyday for the past month or so, and I have seen improvements on how my makeup goes on top, the texture and softness of my skin. And to my surprise 2/3 products are from the drug store. Score! If you are looking to try a new skin care product I definitely recommend these.

Let me know if you are also interested in a nighttime skincare routine, which is completely different from this.

Has anyone else tried these products? Let me know your thoughts.

xoxo ~ Sehar
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