How To Determine Your Skin Undertone!

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I see a lot of pictures on Instagram where people’s foundation and makeup are not looking on point no matter what they do. Even if your foundation passes the swatch test, it can appear greyish, chalky, or their face doesn’t match the rest of their body. One major reason is because they used the wrong undertone products.

Knowing your skin undertone is so important. It helps determine your foundation and concealer shade. It also helps knowing what colours will be more flattering on your and what colours to use to contrast your makeup look.

There are three different types of undertones.
Warm – your skin has a yellowish based undertone.
Cool – your skin has a bluish based undertone.
Neutral – your skin is neither yellow or green or is sometimes both.

Instead of writing an essay to try and explain how to determine your undertone, here is an easy to follow chart I found!




Now you will be able to better determine your foundation and concealer colour!

I hope you found this post helpful! Comment below with your skin undertone and your favorite products to use on it!

Mine skin is yellow undertone, and I love using the L’oreal matte foundation on it!

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