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If you follow me on Instagram, which all of you should, you may know that I’ve recently visited the Marc Anthony Salon Uptown location in Toronto. I wanted to share my feedback and experience since I didn’t even know that they had a location in Toronto!

I needed to get my hair colour corrected and wanted to go somewhere where I can trust the hair dresser. Unaware that Marc Anthony has two locations in Toronto, both on Avenue Road. One is an uptown Location and one is a downtown location. I chose to go to the Uptown location since it would be easier to go to after work and is a bit closer to where I live. I left a message on their voicemail on the weekend and they promptly called me back on Tuesday since they are closed on Mondays. Excited, I made a consultation appointment for Thursday.

When I arrived my hair dresser, Jenn, was waiting for me by the front desk. She then took my jacket and showed me to the back to have a consultation first. I told her I wanted to get my entire hair coloured and have get an Ombre Balayage. I showed her some inspirational pictures and she asked if I wanted to get it done today and I said yes.

I then proceeded to a change room where I was give a long black Marc Anthony robe to wear while getting my hair done so the colour doesn’t ruin my clothes. I was a bit surprised since I’ve never changed my clothes to get my hair done before. But it was a welcomed changed. I didn’t have to worry about getting my clothes ruined the entire time.

We then proceeded to go upstairs where the colouring is done. Everything was clean and organized and I felt like I was in good hands. Jenn was such a sweet heart. She was easy to talk to, funny, and a down right professional. She has been working with Marc Anthony for over 10 years! I also loved that they had samples of their lotions and hand cremes at various locations in the salon.

Prior to starting Jenn offered me a hot beverage, I said yes and ordered a cappuccino which came with a mini biscotti. She showed me the colour she wanted to use for my hair for approval before starting to mix the colour. Half way through getting my hair coloured, I realized that I should probably also get my eyebrows tinted since they would not match the rest of my face. Jenn agreed and told me not to worry.

Getting my Eyebrows Tinted

By the end, I’ve gotten my my hair coloured, my eyebrows tinted, and a blow out. I friggen loved how I looked! Jenn got my hair on point and it looked exactly as I imagined. I took some before and after pictures but the lighting was poor and they don’t do justice to how good it looks in person. I got a compliment from everyone that I saw the following days.

The pricing was very reasonable. I was prepared to pay much more. For logistics, there is public parking at the back of the stores on the right hand side. It is paid parking so make sure you have change (about $5) or a credit card with you!


xoxo ~ Sehar
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