Indeed Labs Eysilix Eye Creme Review

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I am finally ready to talk about Indeed Labs Eysilix Eye Creme. I usually like to use face products from 3-4 weeks before giving my review on them. With the Eysilix eye cream, I am on my 3rd tube so I thought it was finally time to review it.

My eye lids have a mind of its own. They are usually oily, but since I started doing my eye looks for Instagram, I started noticing extreme dry spots on them. It was hard to put on any kind of makeup on top. I tired everything, moisturizers, oils, and nothing was working.

Since I was enjoying my Hydraluron so much, I thought I might as well give this a try as well, and I am so glad I did! It completely changed my skin on my eyes. I feel it is more moisturized, not oily, just hydrated. I have been using it religiously with my morning and night routine, and especially after I take off any eye makeup.

I never really had bad dark circles or lines around my eyes so I can’t talk about that. But it did help with my puffiness and texture. It also brighten my eyes a little.

I only have to use a pea size for both eyes, if I have have left over on my fingers after I pressed it into skin, I use it on my lips! It has even make my lips more moisturized. Some people find it tacky, but i don’t. I like that I can actually feel it on my skin instead of it disappearing right away.

I also love that drugstore price for it!



You can buy it online: Indeed Amazon

My previous Indeed Labs review:

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