Dermalogica Clear Start Foaming Wash Review

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Today I wanted to follow up my Clear Start Instagram post with a review.


I was actually pretty excited to get this, thanks again Dermalogica!, since I have been struggling with adult acne lately. The first thing I did was read the bottle. It claims to “Clear away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts.”The first active ingredient it lists is Salicylic Acid 50%. which is great for reducing acne inflammation and drys up the pimple.

I was a bit hesitant at first since Salicylic acid also cause skin dryness. The first time I used it I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it! It was light, had a very nice light scent to it and my skin felt clean and soft after. I have been using it every day now for about 3 weeks and I can notice a little change in my skin. I have less redness and break outs. I think it would have been better trying the entire line together since it is hard to tell if it was because of the face wash or other products in my beauty regimen. I think that it was successful at meeting its claims of clearing away dead skin and unclogging pores. It also didn’t dry my skin at all!

I would recommend this even if you don’t struggle with acne. I felt like it was an overall great cleanser. You only needed to use a pea size amount to cover your entire face. I also really like the company Dermalogica. I always get excited to see a female owned company doing well.

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