How to clean MINK lashes

Hi Beautiful!

I am not going to lie. When I got my first pair of mink lashes, I DESTROYED them when trying to clean them. And it broke my heart a little because I spent so much money on them just to use it once. -.-” Ever since then I vowed never to destroy another pair again!

This is my fool-proof way to clean your mink lashes. Or any lashes for that matter.

You will need these 3 things:
1) Dirty Mink Lashes
2) Rubbing Alcohol
3) Spooly

Step 1
Right when you take off your mink lashes spray them with alcohol. Especially near the lash glue. You can use any alcohol spray. I use a 70% alcohol spray that I got from the dollar store. Not expensive at all! 

Step 2
Gently peel off the lash glue from the lashes. Careful not to pull on the hairs

Step 3
Use a CLEAN spooly and brush the lashes to take out any excess lash glue between the hairs.

Step 4
You’re all done! The alcohol dries quickly while disinfecting your lashes. The lashes look like new!


You can also view a tutorial of this on my Snapchat – before it expires (MakeupBySehar)


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  1. I found this very helpful! I find myself always tossing out dirty lashes! Glad I found a way to make them last longer ❤️

  2. Hey girl! I love your makeup looks you got on your IG💕 wish I could be as perfect as you are on doing your makeup but one day I will😗 Hope to win one of your giveaways 💕💕

    Xoxo , joanna 🌹

  3. Hey beautiful. I think wat you are doing is an amazing giveaway … and this post about cleaning ur lashes who knew it was this easy… I in tears destroyed 2 pairs. I am happy to say that my lashes will live long now . Thanks boo

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