How to Make Your Makeup Last LONGER!

Hi Beautiful!

This is probably one of the questions I get asked the most. How to make your makeup last longer? When I am doing a clients makeup I always take the necessary precaution to make sure that their makeup is going to last as long as possible. If you follow me on Snapchat (which all of you should! – MakeupBySehar) you know that I always snap at the end of the day after an event and show that my makeup is still on point.

I’ve divided the points into three sections, before applying makeup, during applying makeup and after you’ve applied your make.

Before Makeup

  1. Prep your skin!
  • It is so important to prep your skin prior to applying any makeup. I always tell my clients to have their skin Washed, Toned and Moisturize. This helps create a blank canvas on your skin. It is harder for makeup to go on top of skin that is dull and dry.

2. Prime your face!

  • I love primers! Not only do they make your makeup adhere better to you skin, depending on the primer they also fill in your pores and make your makeup last longer. Some of my favorite ones include Benefit Porefessional, Too Faced Hangover Primer, Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equalizer Primer and the Revlon primer. Make sure you let the primer absorb for at least two minutes prior to applying foundation.

3. Prime your Eyelids

  • Priming your eyes is just as important as priming your face. If you don’t own an eye primer you can also use your concealer and set it with a powder after. Please note there is a difference between an eye shadow primer and a glitter primer. An eye shadow primer goes on before the eye shadow. A glitter primer can be applied on top of the eye shadow prior to putting glitter on top. I would suggest doing one eye at a time. Some of my favorite shadow primer includes Urban Decay primer potion, Elizabeth Mott eye shadow primer, Benefit CC eye primer and Essence eye primer. Two of my favorite glitter primers are the NYX Glitter primer and the Elf Glitter Primer.

During Makeup 

  1. Long wear or Waterproof Foundation
  • Use a foundation that is formulated for long wear or is waterproof. I find liquid foundations last the longest on the skin without moving. Some of my favorite long wear foundations include Kat Von D, Too Faced Born This Way, L’Oreal Infallible

2. Applying Foundation

  • When I know I will be wearing my makeup for 8+ hours I like putting my liquid foundation on with a Beauty Blender. I like spraying my already damp beauty blender with a bit of setting spray prior to picking up foundation. This helps with the longevity of the foundation plus it helps the foundation sheer out a little so it doesn’t look cakey on the skin.

After Makeup 

  1. Setting Powder

It is so important to set your liquid/cream makeup with powder. Setting powder helps lock in your foundation so it doesn’t move. I love using a pressed powder foundation to set my liquid if I think I need extra coverage. Usually  on my clients I use a translucent powder so it doesn’t change the colour of their foundation. Some of my favorite setting powders include the Make Up For Ever HD Setting Powder,  IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Setting Powder and the Elf Setting Powder. You can also use translucent powder on top of a lipstick to mattify and make the lipstick last longer. You can also use translucent powder on top of your mascara, at the ends of your lashes if you have issues with your mascara smudging throughout the day.

  1. Setting Spray

I love using setting sprays as the final step in my makeup routine. It helps set all the powder and makes your face look less cakey. Some of my favorite setting spray include Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, L’Oreal Setting Spray and the Make Up For Ever Mist and fix.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Let me know your favorite tip to make your makeup last longer.

xoxo ~ Sehar 


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    1. Love the site! I’m out to prove old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Keep it up, beautiful child. I just adore your topics and your amazing skills!!

  1. This definitely helps knowing I always have trouble getting my makeup to last whether it be hot out or just not want to set this helps so much.

  2. I had no idea what setting spray was until just recently when I had make up done and my face was sprayed. I still had no idea what it was until I read your blog about it.

  3. Beautiful blog, so glad I found your page on IG! Thank you for hosting all of those lovely giveaways! You’re so kind. 🙂 my IG is @mariseeezy

  4. Learned some basics from this post. What do you think of the MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage? That’s the one I have right now. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for all the useful tips. I have never tried setting spray but will give it a try now 😊 Following on instagram @lovelaughlots

  6. Thanks for sharing these tips. And thank you also for the daily giveaways in IG! 😘😘😘
    IG: @zophiecute

  7. Thankyou so much! I never knew about this and I was applying makeup in a wrong way till now. Thanks a lot to tell us the ways of makeup. Really a big thanks. I will follow these steps now

  8. I find this one so informative!! Thank you so much for the tips, and for hosting your 30 days giveaway!! Hope i get lucky too!!🎈
    IG: @filipinasdava

  9. hey sehar, first of all im here from your instagram giveaway post. i loved reading your blog. im kinda addicted. i think il read more now. it was great that i got all your favourites in my head n now itl b easier for me to choose when i have to 🙂

  10. My skin is really oily i use a primer but i have never tried using a setting spray i’ll need do give it a try. Thanks for the tips

  11. Thanks for the info! My skin is oily, so the setting spray keeps the makeup on my face. Also, THANK YOU for the amazing opportunity to win something during your November daily giveaways!!

  12. I never thought of putting setting spray on my Beauty Blender before picking up foundation! That’s a great tip that I’m definitely gonna try. Thanks!

    I have a question about setting powders.. I have the Banana Powder by Ben Nye that I had seen so many rave reviews about. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to try it yet cuz I’m not sure how to get it on my brush. It comes in this bottle instead of a jar and the sifter isn’t depressed (it’s flush with the top). How do I use it without making a huge mess? Thanks again!

    Carrie (@suzy.attitude on IG)

    1. Hi Carrie, Thank you for stopping by. I like putting it either in the cap or on the back of my hands when putting my makeup on. When I put makeup on others I a stainless steel mixing plate. You can get it from Ebay for really cheap. Hope this helps. xo Sehar

  13. great points made. i used to have like a 5 or 8 steps to get my makeup done now its like 30 steps before i can leave to pump gas lol

  14. Thanks for these tips! I always use Fix+ MAC as the final step in my makeup routine. It makes my makeup last longer. @sill_torres

  15. Omg this was such a great post! These were some really great tips, since it’s always hard to keep the makeup on. Please make more posts with more makeup tips and tricks!

  16. Omg this was such a great post! These were some really great tips, since it’s always hard to keep the makeup on. Please make more posts with more makeup tips and tricks!

  17. I learned of you through your amazing giveaways. However, after reading your blog articles and following you on just about every social media I can, I have to say unhooked for life! Keep doing what you do, and wishing you the best always!!

  18. Great tips! I’m definitely going to try the setting spray on my beauty blender! The only tip I have is don’t touch your face. That one is hard for me as I constantly catch myself doing it 🙂

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