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MakeupBySehar Social Media Profile

Instagram – MakeupBySehar – Over 29.4K Followers
Snapchat – MakeupBySehar – Over 700 Friends
Facebook – MakeupBySehar – Over 1K Likes
Twitter – MakeupBySehar – Over 4K Followers
Blog – MakeupBySehar – Over 850 Subscribers

Followers Statistics 
– 74% Women
– 100% Beauty Lovers 🙂
– 37% Age 18 – 24
– 35% Age 25 – 34
– 13% Age 34 – 44
– Top Cities: Toronto, New York, London, Bangkok, Dubai, Brampton
– Top Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, India

Social Statistics
1) Each Instagram posts receives 900-1,200 likes within 10 days
2) Analytics for latest 20 photos on Instagram shows 120.85% engagement rate, 29,095 total likes and 5,157 comments.
3) There was over 103,758 impressions and over 25,411K  newly reached accounts in the past week
4) My Instagram profile was viewed over 23.2K times over a week with 500+ website clicks.
5) Over 28 day period my tweets earned over 234K impressions
6) Over 28 day period my twitter account was visited over 2.3K times
7) On the blog with 53 posts, I’ve received over 11.3K views and over 5.8K visitors worldwide

Instagram Insight Sample 

Blog Views by Countries

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Here is my process for PR/Collab posts 
1) Unboxing on my Snapchat
2) Unboxing with Tags on Instagram Stories
3) Product Picture on Twitter
4) Post product picture on Facebook
(Trial the product for 1-3 weeks depending on product and results)
5) Posting on Snapchat during trial period
6) Post products picture with honest opinion

I reserve my blog for sponsored posts and experiences.

Some of the brands I have previously done PR for or am currently working with include (but not limited to) the following:
Marc Anthony
Too Faced
Luxie Beauty
Crown Brush
Indeed Laboratories
L’Oreal Paris 

The focus of my major outlets is makeup and beauty products. True to my trade I love creating new looks using different colours and techniques. True to my self I love trying new and exciting products and recommending them to my friends and followers. I always try to maintain a balance between the two, especially on my Instagram. I am also apart of the Canadian Beauty Network. For any additional detail please feel free to contact me.

Serious Inquiries:

Updated: July 15 2017

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