How to Get Free Products from Sephora!

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I’ve been wanting to post few makeup looks but I’ve been so sick lately and I just don’t have the energy to put a full face on. So while sick in bed I’ve been online shopping and I thought why not share some tips and tricks as to how I get free products through Sephora! Yes, I know makeup can get expensive, so why not get as much for free as possible. Am I right?

So lets get started, here are 4 ways to get free products.

1. Become a Beauty Insider

Beauty Insider is a reward program from Sephora. It is free to join, and it is possible the easiest way to get free products. There are 3 different levels to Sephora’s rewards program. The first level is a Beauty Insider. The second level is VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider). You are upgraded to this if you spend $350 or more per year. The third level is VIB Rouge. This is if you spend $1000 or more per year.

Just from becoming a Beauty Insider you get a free gift during your Birth month. This year it is the Nars Velvet Matte, and Satin Lip Pencils. It is different every year, and for VIB Rouge members you also get a bonus Nars deluxe sample size eyeliner. However, this year when I was ordering my birthday gift I also notice that they had a Peter Roth duo as well. Online when you are getting your birthday gift you need to order something with it. If you are getting your Birthday Gift in store you don’t need to purchase anything.

Sephora Reward Levels
Sephora Reward Levels

2. Order Online!

When you order online there are so many deals you can take advantage of. One of them is the 3 free samples with every purchase. There is always a wide range of products that Sephora has samples for. You can add them to your purchase right before you place your order. Another thing that you can take advantage of when ordering online is the “Beauty Deals.” This gives you a promo/coupon code for variety of deluxe samples. You can get a full list of the current promo/coupon codes on the Sephora website or on their app. Also, before purchasing fragrance check out the beauty deal section, sometimes they have the “free clutch with purchase” of a certain perfume/Cologne. It doesn’t hurt to just browse through it before placing your order.

Sephora Samples
Sephora Samples

3. Rewards Boutique

Once you have made a few purchases you will notice that you are starting to collect points. Essentially $1=1 point. There are many different items that you can use these points for. Most of the perks are starting at 100 points than they jump to 250 and 500 points. Don’t feel that you have to get something from the reward boutique every time you make a purchase. Sephora gets new perks every so often and it is best to save the points for something you really like. Also once or twice a year Sephora also has events where you can 2X, 3X or 4X your points depending on your reward level. This a great way to rack up your points and get something you really love in the future.


4. In store Samples

Another great way to get free products is to request samples at check out in Stores. You can also get samples of any product you like. All you have to do is ask! This is a great way to try the products out that you have been eyeing before you spend the money on it.


Also, be aware of Sephora’s return or exchange policy. They recently changed it.. and not for the better. Currently their refund or exchange policy is 30 days from the purchase date with proof of purchase. I personally feel that 30 days is not enough for me to try a product simply because I have so many products I use and cycle through and it takes time for me to make my mind on something.

Another thing to note is that for the Canadian Sephora website you need to purchase at least $75 of products I believe to get free shipping. So be mindful of that. If you are a VIB Rouge you get free shipping with no minimums. I think just for the shipping alone becoming a VIB Rouge member is worth it. Even if you purchase $1000 of products and return most of it you are still a VIB Rouge member not only until the end of the current year but also until the end of next year. How I take advantage of my Rouge status is by splitting my orders up. So if I am going to purchase $100 of stuff I will place 2 separate orders. Since the shipping is free I don’t have to worry about the added cost. What this does is that I double up on the number of samples I receive and I can take advantage of two different beauty deals if I want to.

I hope this post was helpful. Let me know some of your tips and tricks to getting free products!

xoxo – Sehar

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    1. You should probably be careful breaking up your orders Sephora can and will ban you from placing online orders for doing so. Google sephora bans rouge members

  1. Also don’t know if you use Ulta but you can get a lot more free stuff through them as they always have sales, 20% off item coupons, free gifts with purchase (specific to particular brands), free samples with every order, they also have a point system $1=1 point platinum members earn 1.25 points for every $ spent, they also offer 2x,3x,4x,5x, and recently celebrated their bday and offered 10x points for certain products, have skin/makeup and hair events once per year and you can get products super cheap during those times and the best part you redeem your points for the like cash for full size products you actually want and not a few sample sized products to pick from like sephora.

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